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W MARINE INC (the Company hereafter) is a fully integrated Ship Management Company, founded by Mr Yiannis Sarantitis in 2003.

Ever since its inception, the Company has been engaged with the management of dry bulk carrier vessels, starting its operations in 2004 with the M/V W-ONE, a conventional Panamax vessel. Over the years the fleet has been enlarged, mainly through the construction of new vessels, the acquisition of resales from shipyards, as well as through the acquisition of vessels in the secondhand market.

The Company aims to serve its clients in an efficient, reliable and prudent manner, whilst exercising due care to ensure the safety of the crew, of the vessels and of cargoes carried.

Today the Company manages a homogeneous fleet of dry bulk carrier vessels, ranging in size from Panamax to Post Panamax.

The fleet consists of six (6) 93,000 dwt Post Panamax vessels, four (4) 82,000 dwt Kamsarmax vessels and two LME Panamax vessels (76,000 dwt), with a total deadweight of 1,038,225 mt and an average age of 10 years.

In particular,

- M/V W-SKY / W-EAGLE / W-ACE / W-STAR were contracted at Taizhou Catic Shipyard, PRC and delivered between January and July 2011;

- M/V W-SMASH and M/V W-PACIFIC were acquired in 2013 as resales from STX Dalian Shipyard, PRC and Jiangsu Hantong Shipyard, PRC respectively;

- M/V W-ORIGINAL was acquired in 2016 from the secondhand market;

- M/V W-MAYFAIR was acquired in 2018 from the secondhand market;

- M/V W-PEARL was acquired in April 2021 from the secondhand market;

- M/V W-JADE was acquired in May 2022 from the secondhand market;

The following vessels have been acquired in a joint venture with Naess, Risan and Partners,

- M/V W-OSLO in September 2018,

- M/V W-ARCTURUS in January 2019,

- M/V W-GALAXY in July 2019, and

- M/V W-RAPTOR in December 2019

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